Nishant Gambhir


Nishant Gambhir is a lawyer by education, digital strategist by profession, legal rights activist by conviction, author by experimentation, entrepreneur by passion and aviation nut by obsession.


Nishant is a budding author and has authored two books and is working on more. Nishant began writing not by compulsion or with any particular goal in mind, he started writing as a means to express himself and to put forth his expression in the simplest ways possible, for he had realised having read hundreds of law books, that there is far too many technical and complicated works of writing and far too few simple ones. When Nishant began writing his first book a simple yet unique Labor Law Manual, he knew he did not want to stick to purely academic writing. Nishant wanted to go beyond academics to create simple and effective work for large audiences, he believes there is already a lot of good work which is super-specialised and technical in nature, but very little which is general and for the masses.

Nishant does not confine his work to legal subjects, he has also authored a thriller-romance fiction book, which is due to hit the shelves very soon.

Nishant is also a guest columnist on matters of law, policy, society and digital industry for various new age media outlets and blogs.


From Brand Activation To Conversions

Nishant specialises in turnkey digital marketing strategies for new-age brands and online stores (e-commerce/m-commerce). He has an experience of over fiver years in the digital space and has seen social media and it's use evolve right from the time it originated. Having worked with various brands, national, international, big and small - Nishant has driven campaigns of all scales across digital platforms and helped brands realise their true potential. Nishant's digital journey started as a teenager (at 16) who had experience in programming, storytelling and was save enough to use social media effectively which lead to a brands trusting him with their digital story, having successfully delivered - soon it became a career and with time Nishant kept pace with the development in the industry and kept working with more and more brands to help them realise their dreams.

Nishant currently works full time with Amzer, Inc, a US based manufacturer of smartphone & tablet accessories, as well as lifestyle products. His role at Amzer involves chalking the marketing plans with focus on brand building activities, leading digital marketing campaigns on social media including Facebook and Twitter, engaging with Media and Customers as well as working with web development team on building a customer oriented shopping platform with customer friendly content which drives sales.

Beyond his full time commitment, Nishant is on the advisory panel for digital efforts for multiple brands and provides consultancy services to public individuals, organisations, institutes and brands. Having a team of digital experts working with him, there is a host of digital services which Nishant provides to those interested.

Social Work

Lawyer, Activist and Public Speaker

Nishant Gambhir with a team of Delhi Police Constables
Nishant Gambhir with a team of Delhi Police Constables


Nishant chose to pursue law over aerospace (heart versus mind decision) because he realised how his academic interest is aligned with his social inquesdtitivtiy and eagerness to do something. Taking inspiration from his grandfather he decided to study law. Having pursued his bachelors in Law from Amity Law School, Nishant has specialised in Intellectual Property Rights. Over the course of his eduction, Nishant has participated in various national and international moot courts, having bagged prizes for best speaker at a few of them. Further, at Law School, Nishant was an active participant in debates and legal aid initiatives. Through the years he has worked in the country's leading law firms and in-turn some of the best lawyers of the nation as an intern with a good experience of legal operations at the Delhi High Court and the Supreme Court of India.

Nishant pursued a course and research at Harvard University in Environmental Law and Sustainability and is currently pursuing a diploma in International Law and Diplomacy from Indian Society of International Law (ISIL).

Nishant is currently general legal advisor at Amzer, Inc as well as a legal mentor for young entrepreneurs who need legal assistance in setting shop.  Further, Nishant is the founder of Lex Do It  a social initiative for legal awareness and empowerment in which Nishant leads the legal aid cell, providing pro-bono legal advise and assistance. Nishant plans to take up pro-bono representation once he is eligible to appear before a court.

Nishant has strong opinions on national policies, laws, issues and politics and is vocal about them on social networks and blogs.

Nishant from time to time, publicly speaks about polices, legislations and rights at events, meets, seminars and moot competitions.

nishant gambhir agent of change
Agent of Change Award

Social Welfare

Nishant is a pro-bono lawyer and public advocacy activist at Lex Do It - a leading legal rights education and advocacy organisation in Delhi. Nishant with his expertise in the digital world, helps the organisation educate people about their digital rights using the online platforms.

Nishant is also actively involved in public advocacy and takes up matters of public concerns through RTIs, writs/peititions to appropriate authorities as well as through digital campaigns. He has worked closely with Delhi Police, Delhi Government and other activists for bringing about change, accountability and justice.

When free form work, Nishant likes to teach Social Studies to primary students as well as help aged and financially weak litigants with drafting and legal guidance.

Nishant has been awarded "Agent of Change" by Deccan Chronicle for his contribution to society in large.

Public Speaking

Nishant has been invited to speak at various events in India, in order to address young audiences on subjects related to society, development, policies, career, law and relation of them all with the digital space. Nishant keeps interacting with young school and college students and enjoys the connection which he shares with them.

Nishant also conducts legal education and rights awareness workshops for SMBs who want to promote the cause amongst their employees.



Entrepreneur, Aviation Photographer and Traveler


Nishant has had an entrepreneurial skill since he was a teenager. Nishant initiated his first venture, a one man mobile OS development studio when he was only fourteen. Ever since, Nishant has went on to found and mentor a number of startups in the areas of curated legal assistance services, child healthcare, sports media and technology media.

nishant gambhir times of india
In Times of India

Nishant also serves as an advisor/mentor for a bouquet of legal, tech and policy startups in India.

Nishant is always looking for good products to be a part of as an angel investor.


Nishant has had a keen interest in aviation ever since he was a toddler, airports and aircrafts have always fascinated Nishant. This fascination became an obsession by teenage; which lead to Nishant taking up Flight Simulation Piloting and Aviation Photography at the age of thirteen and pursuing them religiously. Today, Nishant is a well known name in the aviation photography circuit in India and has covered various events for National and International Airlines, as well as the Indian Air Force as an Aviation Photographer. Nishant's work has gotten him international acclaim and has been published in various national and international magazines, newspapers and blogs. Nishant is pursuing SkyDiving at present in order to be eligible for Aerial Photography and Air-To-Air Photography.

Nishant always wanted to pursue a career in Aviation, however being a lawyer by education, he did make it a point to work on something related to Aviation, which is what lead to his book 'Air and Space Law: India and Beyond' - which is a first of it's kind book, which comprehensively complies and simplifies all legislations of the Aviation domain.

Nishant does believe that sky is the limit, somewhat based on the prowess of air and spacecrafts!


When away from work, Nishant likes to spend time with family, catch up on sleep (!) and travel. Having traveled to over forty countries, Nishant is always keen to plan his next sojourn. Nishant is a university level tennis player, having represented and won championships for his alma mater on multiple occasions, he does hit the court whenever possible. When on a break, Nishant catches up with weeks of programming on National Geographic and Discovery and tries to keep pace with Homeland, Suits amongst a few other American TV shows.

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