Nishant is a budding author and has so far authored three books (co-authored the fourth) and is working on a few more. When Nishant began writing his first book a simple yet unique Labor Law Manual, he knew he did not want to stick to purely academic writing. Nishant wanted to go beyond academics to create simple and effective work for large audiences, he believes there is already a lot of good work which is super-specialised and technical in nature, but very little which is general and for the masses.

Nishant does not confine his work to legal subjects, he has also authored a thriller-romance fiction book, which is due to hit the shelves in January.


Air And Space Law: India And Beyond [October 2015]


‘Air and Space Law: India And Beyond’ is an exhaustive book covering all major aspects of air and space law, with a global perspective. The book is aimed at professionals and students from legal, aviation, space and defence industries. Private players in air and space domain and governmental agencies regulating air and space will also find this book highly useful.

The book covers all facets of air and space law, the book begins with explanation of the fundamental aspects of air and space, going on to talk about the International control and legislation in the air and space domain. The book lays special emphasis on the present legislations in India. The book comments on the emerging trends, future challenges and ends with a suggestions which the author feels are necessary for keeping up with the pace of technological development in the aviation and space industry, without compromising on beneficial and peaceful use of air and space.

This book aims to explain and elaborate upon the legal aspects of air and space in a manner which is equally easy to understand for both seasoned legal professionals as well as those who don’t belong to the legal fraternity, the author has taken care to ensure that the work remains introductory and fundamental making it easy to understand. This book aims to be the fundamental reference tool in the air and space law domain.

 Labour Law: Compliance And Policies Decoded [January 2015]

‘Labour Law: Compliance And Policies Decoded’  is a simple yet affective tool for all HR professional and gives an extensive view of the present laws which govern the various categories of employees and what the company owes to them, stipulated by the law of the land and ethics of an employer. The manual also includes all the relevant provisions, forms and briefs related to Labour Laws in India.


Somebody That I Used To Know [May 2016]

‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ is Nishant’s first attempt at writing a fiction and what better genre to write a dramatic story which deals with young romance. The writing is complete and the book is at the editing stage and is due to be launched in January 2016.

Social Welfare…

Know Your Rights: An Aam Admis’ Guide To Law [August 2015]

‘Know Your Rights: An Aam Admis’ Guide To Law’ is a multi-volume series which Nishant has co-authored with his partner Eklavya Dahiya with inputs from the legal research team at Lex Do It. The handbook is published in both English and Hindi and explains the basics of Indian laws which every Indian shall be aware of. The book is aimed at decoding law for the aam admi and empowering him to demand his rights and have them enforced. The book simplifies the laws in form of Q&A, FAQ and listicles which deal with everyday situation which an aam admi faces.

Under Works…

Air Safety Laws: India and Abroad [August 2016]

Know Your Guardians: Those Who Brave It All, For You [October 2016]

Humans of Delhi Police: The Real Unsung Heroes [March 2017]

India’s Babus Decoded: A Journey [December 2016]

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