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Lex Do It

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Lex Do It (Trust) is a not for profit organisation based out of New Delhi, India founded by Nishant and his law school mate in latter half of law school with the aim of bringing legal awareness to each and every Indian. Lex Do It focusses on conducting legal rights education both online and offline through campaigns and programs for the Indian masses in order to empower them.

Lex Do It also operates a pro-bono legal practice which aids, assists and represents litigants before the appropriate authorities and/or provide them appropriate legal solutions for their grievances.

Lex Do It is currently focussing on using technology to build a pan India legal aid platform bridging the gap between those wanting to extend help and those who need it the most – this platform is available on

Lex Do It is available on

The Better Lawyer


The Better Lawyer is a legal-tech startup which Nishant co-founded with a colleague during his final semester at Law School. The idea of The Better Lawyer is to use technology to make studying, learning and working in law easier for law students and young lawyers.

The startup raised an initial seed investment from one of the promoters of the India Today Group (in Individual capacity) which allowed a pilot run for the idea and build beta level technology which was well received by the students and industry veterans even generating keen interest of some of the biggest names in the Legal Industry.

Currently the team is working on monetising the idea in order to sustain the platform as well as raise another round of funds to build scalable smart technology aimed at lawyers.

The Better Lawyer is accessible on:

1 Giraffe


1 Giraffe is culmination is a niche e-commerce consulting venture in which Nishant is a partner given his decade long experience in the digital and e-commerce space where he has helped multiple brands most notably AMZER build sales using new age marketing and sales practices.

1 Giraffe aims to take e-commerce to the masses in India by educating them about it especially the small and medium retailers specially the neighbourhood mom and pop stores.

1 Giraffe’s other partners possess tremendous expertise in areas of operations, sourcing, manufacturing and merchandising making it a one stop destination for everyone in the marketplace for new and innovative products for customers and processes to cater to their customers in a scalable effective and cost effective manner.

1 Giraffe is catering to a number of clients in the Middle East, North America and India.

About Nishant Gambhir

I started my professional journey at an early age of 15 as Windows Mobile ROM Developer at XDA Developers moving further to become a community manager there. This interest in technology lead me to write about technology for BriefMobile before co-founding Install or Not a well recognised technology publication. Understanding the e-commerce/digital marketing/social media space during it’s nascent stage in India in 2010-2011 I joined AMZER a manufacturer as a digital manager revamping their e-commerce platform and clocking hundreds of thousands of dollars in sale through innovative paid digital marketing. This lead me to the opportunity to initiate and lead AMZER Print a full scale manufacturing and retail business focussing on print on demand lifestyle accessories with a team of 50 serving retail as well as business customers.

Whilst graduating law school I also co-founded Lex Do It with the aim of making every Indian aware of their legal rights in order to empower them for life. Lex Do It has since gone on to achieve a lot – which has been publicly recognised. I won the Agent of Change 2016 award for my efforts at Lex Do It. I also run a full time law practice which focusses on out of court settlement of disputes relating to property, family and marriage.

Since I have a strong foundation in technology it is my goal to use technology to make lives easier to law students, young lawyers and litigants – which is something I am trying to achieve at The Better Lawyer. I have also along with my partner created a platform called Legal Aid Clinic as part of Lex Do It’s initiative to bridge the gap between litigants seeking legal aid and the lawyers willing to provide the same.

I have a decade of experience in social media, branding, customer experience and e-commerce as well as good knowledge of product manufacturing and sourcing which I use to help emerging small and medium businesses solve their problems.

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